Vu Nguyen

Bobby Rahal Acura | August, 2002
Service Advisor

“I enjoy working at Bobby Rahal Acura because of the anniversary trips. Kidding! Joking aside, it’s the freedom to take care of clients how I see fit. Obviously, some situations require management approval, but as long as I can justify my actions, I’m good to go. To sum it up, I like wearing big boy pants, and the company allows me to do so.”

Leigh Steingraber

Bobby Rahal Honda of State College | September, 2016
Sales Consultant

“My favorite thing about my career at Bobby Rahal is, quite simply, the people.  I truly feel part of a family here.  It was evident from day one that Bobby Rahal Automotive Group supports growth, independence and success for all team members.  Every day I am encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and grow both professionally and personally.  I actually enjoy coming to work!  If you are interested in having fun, making money, meeting new people and working for an organization that legitimately cares about YOU then look no further than Bobby Rahal.”

Eric Buskey

Bobby Rahal Honda | January, 2019
Pre-Owned Sales Manager

“I enjoy working at Bobby Rahal because of the people that I have the pleasure of interacting with on a daily basis. Everyone has the same goal, making sure that every guest is given the absolute best experience. Working here feels like 1 big family. The company provides employees with support and opportunities for advancement and growth. Fellow team members and management want to see you succeed and are willing to assist in any way needed.”

Brittany Crawford

Bobby Rahal Acura | October, 2020
Sales Consultant

“I love my team and how we work together to succeed! Management encourages autonomy and I personally thrive on being my genuine self with customers. We celebrate birthdays, achievements, holidays… and like to have fun! Working for the company has grown my confidence and knowledge in so many ways. I enjoy the finance aspect the most, it overflows into everyday life! I love being able to help friends and family navigate their current and future purchasing needs! I work with a lot of great and ambitious people that I respect and I am grateful for! I would never consider working for any other dealership. This company has brought me happiness, success and friendship!”

Deb Moran

Bobby Rahal Honda | October, 2018
Appointment Coordinator

“My New Hire experience was AWESOME! Never in all my years of different jobs have I ever felt so welcomed into a company as Bobby Rahal Honda. From the 1st day of my interview to the day I came in as a new hire, I was greeted with beautiful smiles, warm handshakes, and everyone in such upbeat, positive atmosphere.  At this moment, I knew this was my new home & family, I was going to be part of great TEAM at Rahal. I was hired on my 60th Birthday, and everyone went out of their way to wish me a Happy Birthday and treat me as I had been here a long time already, that I was already part of the Rahal Family.  “My “On the Job Training” was even more AWESOME, and I can’t say it is really fair for me to comment on my experience due to me feeling pretty special due to me being the only one in class. I had my trainer Kim Bono all to myself and I had her attention 100%, just for me.  This was great because I needed to learn quickly due to shortness of people in the department for Appointment Scheduling. It was hard at first: it was a whole new world to learn, had to take in a lot of information, and Kim had great patience, and great knowledge of the system and everything that was expected of me to become a rising star at my new position. I had to move fast & was put into my position with all the information I needed to become a good Customer Service Rep for Bobby Rahal Honda. The training is fun, knowledgeable, and at first, hard. It really prepared me for what I needed to do at my job in the call center. I have experienced new people coming in after me, & it is very obvious the training is a great system due to my new co-workers coming on board & able to jump in once they had on hands training as well.  Again, keep up what you are doing, because it is working. I know 1st hand that us new kids on the block are very happy in our position and we greatly appreciate the overwhelming response of everyone on Team Rahal to welcome us, & put up with our non-stop questions and their willingness to help us grow better in our new/old positions.  What a great place to be a part of such a great team as Bobby Rahal TEAM.”

Angela Hurley

Bobby Rahal Toyota​ Lexus of Lewistown | October, 2017
Sales Consultant

“I enjoy working at the Bobby Rahal of Lewistown store because it is a small dealership in a small town. Everyone here has been very receptive to me and helping me to learn this business. I came here almost two years ago now with only my love of vehicles and of course my eighteen years of customer service in banking to help me launch a new career in car sales. I have learned so much about Toyota’s and the car business from all of my team members. We are truly a team here at this small store helping each other make it a great experience for our customers.”

Ted Clements

Bobby Rahal Lexus | August, 2014
Service Driver

“As an employee of Bobby Rahal Lexus in Mechanicsburg, I feel that being a part-time Service Driver for our company has many positives.  We add value to our customers by being able to pick up their cars for service, leaving them with an almost new loaner car (no cost to the customer) and then delivering their vehicle back to them after the service is complete. We probably see the customers more than any other employee, thus it is vital that we present ourselves in a professional, courteous, supportive, and interactive way…lets just say, I enjoy my part-time job with Team Rahal and the interaction with other employees and our customers!”

Scott McCann

Bobby Rahal Lexus | September, 2000
Service Manager

“My favorite thing about working for Bobby Rahal is that I’m given the opportunity and support to do my best to grow, learn and even coach whether being myself or Team Members every day. Working at Bobby Rahal has allowed me personally to grow within the organization from my beginning days as a service advisor learning the vehicles, customer interactions and the automotive industry operations.  Experiences in that role gave me the opportunity to use the years of interactions and situations internally and externally to advance into management where I now can help grow our team members. Anyone looking to join our company can look throughout our automotive group to see the many years of team member tenure and dedication, some over 30 years. This is a testament to the Rahal organization and the Core Values that were established and still followed to this day that allow team members to do and be their best every day.”

Manuel Gerovasilis

Bobby Rahal Lexus of Lancaster | April, 2021

“I have the pleasure of working with an excellent group of people, from management to all the way down. Bobby Rahal is a good company to work for, offers good pay and excellent benefits.”

Isaak Bonilla

Bobby Rahal Toyota​ | August, 2021
Sales Consultant

“My favorite thing about working for Rahal is truly the people. Not only are the people here the perfect example of how you want a company to treat your customers, but they treat their workers the exact same way. I did not know much about cars prior to working at Rahal. They were kind enough to trust me to learn all that there is to learn about dealerships, all while improving my customer service skills tenfold. My best advice for anyone thinking about working at Rahal would be, just step into any of the dealerships. You will realize that not only is it how you want to be treated from a customer perspective, but an employee’s as well.”

Dylan Beale

Bobby Rahal Honda | April, 2018
Sales Consultant

“I started working summers and winters during school as a porter. When I graduated I wanted to stay within the company and moved over to sales when a position opened. The company parties and cookouts are always something to look forward to. I am always learning new things and meeting new people. The best thing is I have made a lot of new friends working for Bobby Rahal. The reputation is excellent and we are one big team. We all feel like one tight-knit family!”

Chris Shugart

Bobby Rahal Lexus | April, 2003

“I get along with everyone. I like it here because it’s a good place to work, everyone is friendly.”

John Hribik

Bobby Rahal Honda of State College | May, 2016
Pre-Owned Sales Manager

“I enjoy the atmosphere – I feel like a member of a family.”

Michelle Royer

Bobby Rahal Toyota​ Lexus of Lewistown | November, 2018
Finance Manager

“I started with Bobby Rahal Toyota Lexus of Lewistown in November of 2018, as a part time Finance Assistant.  From the in-person onboarding in Mechanicsburg, to my first day in the dealership, to the new hire orientation everyone was so friendly & welcoming. I quickly learned that this small store, in our small town, was a family and I was thankful to be a part of it. My husband became terminally ill just a few short months after my starting. This dealership and company did everything they could to see me through this horrible life event. I could not have asked for a better employer! Then 2020 and COVID hits, we were all ordered of course to stay home. When other companies had to “layoff” or “release” employees, Rahal did not. As a part time employee and one of the newest hired at the time, I could have been expendable. Instead, they brought back the entire team in May of 2020. In October of 2020, I was promoted to the full time position of Finance Manager at the Lewistown location. With a lot to learn in my new position I was more than nervous, but again this group embraced me and my department is now soaring at heights I never thought possible from our small store. I could not be more appreciative of The Bobby Rahal Automotive Group for taking a chance on hiring me. From the day to day support, the yearly holiday parties & company picnics, and years of service awards we are appreciated as employees. I have a home here at the Lewistown location, and can rest easy knowing that I plan to retire from this company (in 20+ years). ”

Jamison Kline

Bobby Rahal Toyota​ | March, 2002

“I enjoy the people I work with the most.”

Jacquie Daugherty

Bobby Rahal Lexus​ | November, 2020
Internet Appoinment Specialist

“Working at Bobby Rahal has been a great experience, as I have learned a lot about the Automotive world, and gained a wonderful family with the Rahal Team. Working at Rahal has given me new opportunities to move forward in the Automotive industry, and a great long term career that I fully enjoy. If you are looking to work in a great environment with people who make it a family atmosphere, and are always here to help, Bobby Rahal is the place.  ”

Teresa Shook

Bobby Rahal Toyota​ Lexus of Lewistown | March, 2018
Service Advisor

“I enjoy that we work as Team. We support each other as a team and as family. Even on the bad days someone always finds the good in it and makes the day better. You are bound to laugh almost every day for one reason or another. We help each other day to day to improve as a team and individually. Your hard work does not go unnoticed with Team Rahal and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to work here.”

Forrest Brenneman

Bobby Rahal Used Car Outlet | October, 2006
Sales Consultant

“I enjoy many facets of the Bobby Rahal Used Car Outlet.  The other employees and management staff here truly make you feel welcomed and are a friendly group of folks.  I personally get great satisfaction when I help customers find a vehicle that they are excited to purchase and help provide them with the reliable transportation that they need for themselves or for a high school/college bound son or daughter.”

Brandon Barnes

Bobby Rahal Honda | November, 2018
Service Dispatcher

“I like being busy, and it’s a good feeling knowing that we are helping people with their vehicles.”

Mike Clitherow

Bobby Rahal Honda of State College | May, 2016
Service Manager

“I enjoy the people I work with and the customers we serve.”

Julius Merrifield

Bobby Rahal Honda | August, 2016
Parts Counterperson

“We have a great bunch of people working here, in all departments. I actually LIKE coming to work every day to work with them.  We have fun AND make a good living! I have found the place that I want to work at for the rest of my working days. My search has ended for the best place to work! I was at three other dealerships in my twenty-four years in this industry before coming here, and this is, by far, much better than the others. We have four dealerships: Honda, Acura, Toyota and Lexus all located on two corners of one intersection in this quaint little town of Mechanicsburg, PA. It’s a nice place to live, and a great place to work. We have a super HR department which lists internal job postings for all four dealerships at least once a week, so there is opportunity for advancement almost all of the time.”

Steve Tubo

Bobby Rahal Honda of State College | July, 1994

“I enjoy the people I work with and have continued to work with over the years, plus the management team.”

Ryan Lomago

Bobby Rahal Honda | August, 2005
Service Advisor

“For starters, the companionship that builds amongst our team I feel is hard to beat. When I compare our company with others, I often times wonder if many places operate on such a welcoming and friendly environment. Always chances for growth and advancement; as I started from the bottom as a porter and progressively worked my way throughout to where I am today. It allows for any individual to become whatever they put their mind to. Over the years, the rewards and recognition that the dealerships receive and delivers can be hard to beat when considering other businesses. From the picnics and cookouts to the company holiday parties, the 5/10/15/20-year service awards and trips, holiday/sick/PTO, it all evens itself out in the end. Why would I leave?”

Giles Diemert

Bobby Rahal Toyota​ Lexus of Lewistown | September, 2007
New Car Sales Manager

“I started here at this building under a different owner in 1998, and the dealership was acquired by the Bobby Rahal Automotive Group in 2007. Knowing the history and reputation the Rahal group had, I spoke with the bosses and they had the same honest, and fair goals, and also worked with the same integrity that I do. I knew it would be a smooth transition. Many years later, I am here, and still loving the way I am treated by the company, and how they look at each customer like they are members of our own family. This makes for a great relationship between myself, this company, and the thousands of wonderful clients I have maintained over the years.”

Cynthia Hassinger

Bobby Rahal Lexus of Lancaster | December, 2020
Service Consultant

“I have had wonderful experiences working at Bobby Rahal Lexus. It has been very welcoming from day 1. They provided on the job training in my position as well as cross training to learn all the systems. I have loved being able to see the service process and being able to help our guests even more. Being a smaller store we have become very close, and always willing to help others, it’s very much a team atmosphere. Coming from an events background and loving customer service, I applied to be a receptionist. After my first interview, the managers saw such potential for me that they offered me a delivery coordinator position in the Service department. Little did I know that in the short 2 years I have been here I would have an even greater passion for helping our guests, learning more about the vehicles, the service process and ambitions to be a client relations manager. And if all these things don’t sound great enough… They offer wonderful benefits, a fantastic HR team that is always willing to help and be there for you, managers that care about you as a person not just an employee, PAID TIME OFF and lots of team building activities! I absolutely LOVE my job at Bobby Rahal Lexus and look forward to many years of growth and happiness! ”

Mark "Sparky" Ditmer

Bobby Rahal Toyota​ | September, 1993
Parts Counterperson

“I like the people. It’s a team atmosphere, everyone works together.”

Jeff Miller

Bobby Rahal Acura | December, 1993

“I like the fast-paced atmosphere, and I appreciate that management still cares about individuals personally.”

Alan Jones

Bobby Rahal Honda | December, 1999
Sales Assistant

“I knew about Bobby Rahal Honda years before joining the team. There was a strong & positive reputation in the central PA area that was attractive to be a part of. Working here has given me the opportunity to use a variety of skills in multiple departments.  Getting to use those skills to help make Team Rahal function well is what I enjoy most about working for Bobby Rahal Honda.”

30 Years Strong

The Bobby Rahal Automotive Group has three very simple goals: category leadership, measured growth and total customer satisfaction. We expect to be among the top dealers in the country for each of the brands we sell and service. We expect to grow our business each year in customer satisfaction. We expect our customers to have an exceptional experience each time they visit us. We continue to meet our goals and hold fast to our progressive philosophy as we move forward.

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